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Basic Facts

Full Name: : Maisy Jude Stella
Age: 10 years old
Birthdate: December 13, 2003
Birthplace: Oshawa, Ontario
Current residence: Nashville, Tennessee

Fun Facts

• She’s the daughter of Brad Stella and Marylynne Stella.
• Her favorite food is her aunt's Sheppard's Pie.
• She can play the guitar, the piano and the ukulele.
• Her favorite music is old country and Huey Lewis and the News.
• Started singing at age 2.
• She grew up without television and internet.
• She’s currently in 4th grade
• Some of her favorite TV Shows are “Wizards of Weaverly Place”, “Full House” and “Pretty Little Liars”.
• Her favorite song from Nashville is “No One Will Ever Love You by Rayna and Deacon”
• Maisy only tweets when something amazing happens.
• Maisy’s favorite scene to film in Nashville was when she had to eat icing.
• The microphone Maisy used on the cover of “Headlock” was provided by RODE.
• Maisy has appered in several music videos including; Steel Magnolia’s “Just By Being You”, Margaret Durante’s “Mississippi's Crying” and their parent’s “Riding In The Back Seat” along with her sister.


• Nashville as Daphne Conrad

• Dan McGuinness Irish Pub

Music Videos:
• Just By Being You by Steel Magnolia
• Mississippi’s Crying by Margaret Furante
• Riding In The Back Seat by The Stellas

Songs Covers:
• When Your Mind’s Made Up by The Swell Season (with her sister Lennon)
• I won’t give up by Jason Mraz (with her sister Lennon)
• Call Your Girlfriend by Robyn/ Erato (with her sister Lennon)
• Headlock by Imogen Heap (with her sister Lennon)
• Sunglasses At Night by Corey Heart (with sister Lennon)

• Telescope – Nashville (with sister Lennon)
• Christmas Coming Home (with sister Lennon)
• Bright Side ( with sister Lennon)

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